Currency Converter IVR System

In day to day life, people have started dealing with international business people, merchants, vendors, buyers, etc. Thus, converting currency has become the routine task for many people in personal and professional life. Here, it is important to stay updated with the latest currency prices. The Currency IVR is the perfect solution for the same. By integrating the currency converter IVR solution in your system, you can allow your customers to convert their local currency with the international one.

We offer custom currency converter software solution development services. This system can be used for easy transactions by offering handy currency conversion for international business as well as to provide a tool to your customers to stay aware of current exchange rates. Based on its characteristics, there are two types of currency IVR Solution available.

1. Currency Rate Informative IVR

How it works?

  • User will call on a predefined number
  • System will play automated message(s)
  • The user can feed the options such as currency types
  • The system will play the current exchange rate of the selected option(s)

2. Currency Converter Transnational IVR Solution:

This IVR solution will be integrated with your existing system.

How it works?

  • After using your current IVR system for any transaction, the customer will reach the payment step.
  • System will play automated message(s)
  • The system will play an automated IVR prompt to convert the local currency of the customer with your currency
  • Customer can use different options to convert the currency and finish the payment process.

Key Features of Currency IVR Solution

  • Can be integrated with the current IVR system
  • Automated real-time exchange rate availability
  • Efficient Information flow
  • Accurate currency conversion
  • User-friendly Admin panel interface
  • Editable IVR prompts
  • Text to speech conversion
  • Access via any phone, without internet
  • Multilingual support
  • 24*7 accessibility to users
  • And more

Key Benefits of Currency IVR Solution:

  • Smooth currency conversion and payment process
  • Staff streamlining
  • Improved customer services
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Reduced paperwork
  • On demand support
  • And more


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